“BAS was super helpful to develop my startup. They didn’t always agree with me but are easy to work with in a constructive sense.”
Nicolas Frey, Dahu Sports

How did it all start?

Nicolas Frey, Dahu Sports

Dahu was founded in 2013 with the objective to launch a revolutionary new ski boot that offers both control and comfort through a two-component system: an inner boot that slips into an exoskeleton shell. When we contacted BAS we already had a prototype but were scarcely funded with FFF money. At that time, we needed smart money to finalize the product and produce the expensive molds to jump in production and in the market.

How did BAS help you to grow?

At my dinner meeting in Neuchâtel the setup made it very easy to talk to business angels but quite hard to get the attention of people who ate their dessert while I was pitching (laughs). In spite of this a good number of angels showed interest and the follow-up meeting as well as the due-diligence were super good: Easy and in a nice way. In the following years we worked with two board advisors from BAS: Johann Schlieper and Dominique D’Andrimont. They brought important external perspective and learnings from other startups.

What are today your biggest achievements and challenges?

We are still there … (laughs) But seriously, we have been able to convince big investors and partners to believe in us. We are now successfully selling a groundbreaking product that can change the game in an aging market. Dahu is also getting huge compliments from the end user, but we are still fighting the resistance from traditional shops who are very conservative. Our main learnings are to create – from the beginning on – a better company structure and shareholder agreement.