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We strongly believe that the future of our economic system lies in startups.
Their innovativeness and entrepreneurial spirit give a drive to the Swiss economy.

If you are working on a high-potential project, a prototype or a proof of concept, if you have already spoken to potential customers, BAS is the right partner for you. Simply fill in the application after having read the
frequently asked questions below.
In a nutshell, our valuation limit is CHF 5 M and our members invest tickets of minimum CHF 10’000.- in rounds of average CHF 250’000.-


Who should apply?

We like innovative Swiss based companies with strong teams, promising technology, big potential markets, solid barriers to entry and an IPO/exit prospect. We like to be the first external money into the deal. At this early stage, being certain that a company will have all of these characteristics is impossible — that is what makes investing at this stage risky. However, the more a company is like this, the more likely it will succeed in raising money from BAS. Investing very early, our valuation expectations are rather low. That's why we do not invest in startups with a valuation in excess of CHF 5 million.

How are projects selected?

If you submit an application to BAS it will be forwarded to a Jury of BAS members who will pre-screen all applications. They convene once a month in each region and select the three most interesting startups to pitch at the next dinner meeting.

Do we charge any fees?

For the participation at a dinner meeting we charge CHF 100.- per person (up to 3 people) and we recommend that at least two of you come. There are no other fees.

How is confidentiality ensured?

Since we receive so many applications our policy is not to sign NDAs (non-disclosure agreements). BAS prides itself on its practice of the highest respect and care of the confidentiality of all information received. We treat you as we ourselves wish to be treated. However, you should not, under any circumstances, forward highly confidential or proprietary information to us before the due diligence phase starts.

How are BAS investments made?

An engagement of business angels is not paid with cash, but with shares/purchase rights, partly also on a success basis. Business angels can also complement the team in white areas of expertise (e.g. relevant relationship network to potential customers/distributors, competitors, exit partners).BAS members invest as individuals, there is currently no syndication or grouping of several investors. BAS, as an association, is only the enabler and does not invest. Our members prefer engagements in shares. The usual amount invested is between CHF 50'000.- and CHF 500'000.- distributed over several members. In case a minimum ticket size is expected, BAS Members will invest through a SISAT (Swiss Investment Syndicate Agreement Template). Financing through loans is the exception (e.g. for bridging financing or for convertible/mezzanine loans). So you should be willing to sell or transfer a minority of your shares.

Where should the startup be located?

In principle, we only invest in companies located in Switzerland. This allows us to remain close to our startups throughout the early stages of development.

How long does it take to receive an investment?

Members have participated in financings within three days of the dinner presentation. However, if BAS is the lead on a financing round, you should anticipate that it would take between 2-3 months for a deal to close.


Pre - Check

If you are not sure whether you want to submit your project to us,  you can attend one of our bi-weekly angel talks in Zurich, Geneva, Lausanne or online.

Online Registration

The only way to a presentation is via this form, which you should fill in completely. Depending on where your company is based, someone from the Romandie or from Zurich will take care of your project. You can fill in the information in French or in German if it is more convenient to you than English. Please refrain from entrusting highly confidential information.

Monthly selection

The local Jury receives a monthly list of the projects submitted in the last four weeks and selects those which it finds particularly interesting. These, along with interesting projects of previous months, are candidates for a presentation slot at the dinner meeting.

Invitation to the dinner meeting

The invitation to pitch is usually made by phone two weeks to 10 days before the event. On average, every third project that has registered will be invited to present.Usually, three projects are invited to each event. Participation costs CHF 100 per startup (up to 3 people) as a contribution to the food and beverage costs.

Dinner meeting

Your participation in a dinner meeting is portrayed here:

The presentation should last max. 7 minutes, If it lasts longer, we will stop you!

Q&A last around 10 minutes, we expect full transparency, including investment conditions.

Feedback: All members and guests are invited to complete a structured feedback questionnaire. They also indicate their interest in investing in your project. You will receive a summary feedback on the day after your presentation, so that you can estimate how your presentation was received and whether members are interested in making an investment.

Detailed examination and financial proposal (Due Diligence process)

One member is designated as Deal Leader. He will lead the detailed examination that has the character of a simple due diligence. On average, two out of three projects presented lead to a due diligence. The Deal Team decides whether or not to recommend an investment. The examination and preparation of the financing proposal can last up to three months. The result is a term sheet that is mutually agreed upon. Individual members decide if they participate and how much they are willing to contribute.

Financing - no fees

Investments are made by BAS members. BAS as an association is not involved in the financing and does not take any commissions, finder fees or similar. It is also not responsible for the actions of the members.


The successful investor pitch

The quality of your presentation has a significant impact on investors' interest.
Please do not assume that the participants have read your documents in advance. It is common in the industry that the participants first hear your presentation and then decide whether they want to know more and potentially invest.

You will find countless tips and tricks on the internet and we strongly recommend that you look at them. Use what suits you.
You never get a second chance to make a first impression ! That means we do not give you a second opportunity to present. 

We usually have a beamer available in the room, but not always a PC. Please take your laptop with you, including power supplies and adapters for the beamer. It is also good if you have the presentation on a memory stick. We usually have Internet available – if you need an Internet connection, please come early enough to test it beforehand.


Finding agreement on the financing proposal

Startups and investors some times disagree on the financing proposal, because opinions differ widely on the valuation of companies. BAS recommends the method of opportunity costing, also known as "cost-to-duplicate". It takes into account the previous expenses and investments in a fair manner. Look here for more information.
Sometimes this disagreement can lead to a break-off of the negotiations and to anger and dissatisfaction on both sides. The reason for this is often that the startup cannot fully assess the initial position and objectives of the investor and vice-versa. Success will only come if both make a step towards the other. The guiding principle on terms is that incentives of all parties must be aligned. Entrepreneurs should be motivated to make an attractive return for their investors. Likewise, investors must ensure that entrepreneurs are substantially rewarded for their work, creativity and all the risks they take.

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Before you start, please review the FAQ section to ensure your venture matches startups BAS is looking for to fund and to help.

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