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Business Angels Switzerland is a non-profit association in the sense of articles 60ff. of the Swiss Civil Code, structured in two sections: German speaking Switzerland (40 members) and Romandie (60 members).

Invest with BAS

Angel profile

The typical investor member of BAS is a private individual with a large business experience and the means and attitude to support startups in their early phase with money, advice and network access. Membership is by invitation only. Interested people can participate as guests to one or two dinner meetings.


As a member of BAS you can profit from:

Participation in up to ten «dinner meetings» per year, each has two to three company presentations

Full access to the database of all projects submitted so far, with the possibility to comment projects

Full access to the member list (not viewable for non members)

Pre-selection of projects by a jury of members

Possibility to submit own projects to BAS; If possible, these will be treated as a priority opportunity

Possibility to carry out a due diligence with other members and, if interested, invest in the project

Participation in events of Swiss startup invest and the Seca without own membership in these organizations

Your own mail address <your.name>@businessangels.ch, and BAS business cards, if desired

No investment recommendation

Presentations by companies at dinner meetings do not constitute investment recommendations. The presenting companies were generally tested minimally. A detailed examination will be carried out in the form of a due diligence by the interested members. BAS as an association is not involved in any investment and declines any responsibility for the form, content and outcome of such a transaction. You alone are responsible for the selection of projects in which you want to engage and for the form and extent of such a commitment.

Opportunities and risks

BAS membership requires the ability and willingness to engage in financial and personal engagement in startups. Entrepreneurial experience is of great advantage. Investing in startups is risky and you need to be able to bear these risks.

Deal Flow

Around 350 projects register each year, of which about 60 are presented and 10 to 15 are financed. About one third of the projects received are actively being invited to apply by management and the board at various events and competitions, some are sent to us by members, friends and partners and the rest is submitted spontaneously. It is the intention of BAS to present projects that stand out in some way – by the market potential, by innovation, by the team, by an attractive valuation etc. BAS does not focus on specific industries.

Dinner meetings

Dinner meetings are closed events for company presentations and networking. After a few years of membership, there will be more and more joint engagements with other members. The dinner meetings therefore serve not only to discover new projects, but also to discuss existing ones. Dinner meetings are also a welcome occasion to meet and exchange ideas with like-minded members and guests.

Next Dinner Meetings

Time and effort

According to our experience, as a members you should expect:

10 evenings per year for dinner meetings

Two to five days per project in which you participate in the due diligence

Monthly meetings with the startup in which you become a member of the board of directors in the first one to two years after financing


When entering the club a one-time admission fee of CHF 1'600 is charged. In addition, an annual membership fee of CHF 1'800 (or CHF 3'600 for institutions and funds) is payable, which includes both the costs for the dinner meetings as well as the cost of management. Participation in the dinner meetings of the other section is possible at no extra charge. No fees, commissions, finder fees, etc. will be charged for financing, contacts, etc.


BAS does not check whether and to what extent members are investing, but we expect members to enter one or two commitments per year. The amount invested depends of course on the preferences and the portfolio of the member. The minimum is CHF 10'000 per investment round. You should aim at a portfolio of 10 startups to spread your risk and the initial round is almost always followed by subsequent round(s). If a member has completed his portfolio, he is welcome to remain a member and attend dinner meetings.

Become a member

Membership is usually by invitation. Interested individuals can attend a dinner meeting once or twice (the cost of the meal is CHF 120). In case of mutual interest and liking, the guest submits his CV with his motivation to join. The Board then decides on the admission. Recommendations from other members are advantageous. A compelling requirement for a membership is the ability and willingness to invest. If you are willing to invest and are interested in becoming a member of BAS, please contact the management. Members of organisations with similar purposes as BAS and journalists with reference to the economic world are cordially invited to get an impression on the occasion of a dinner meeting. Please contact the management.

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