“BAS is Switzerland’s leading Business Angels club, and a must for all start-up companies interested to raise local money.”
Dr. Nicolas Durand & Dr. Iwan Märki, Abionic

How did it all start?

Dr. Nicolas Durand & Dr. Iwan Märki, Abionic

As a spin-off from the EPFL, Abionic is born from a concept based on a new nanotechnology.  We wanted to create revolutionary biomedical screening platform, allowing to test patients from a single drop of blood, in record time.  From the very first day, we have been aware that we’ll need to raise a significant amount of money to realize our dream and bring the product on the market. In consequence, our biggest challenge was to identify the right investors profile, and to convince them to invest in Abionic. BAS has been one of the very first investors that we have been in contact with.

How did BAS help you to grow?

Our first contact was very good and we initiated immediately great discussion with most of the present members. The pitch during the dinner has been constructively challenged and motivated a significant number of participants to explore a potential investment in our company. Our main contact was our “champion”, Mr. Frank Gerritzen, who actively followed the development of the company and handled the communication with the BAS co-investors. The main achievement thanks to the involvement of BAS was first, the realization of the first functional prototype, and second, the introduction to Mrs. Martine Reindle, our current Chairwoman that has been one of the most precious supports for us.

What are today your biggest achievements and challenges?

Our company is today considered as one of the most successful medtech start-up companies in Switzerland. We have developed the world’s most rapid diagnostic platform, have successfully clinically validated a dozen of tests and got both CE marking and FDA registration. Abionic has a record number of entrepreneurial awards and has raised CHF 37m including famous individuals such as Peter Brabeck-Letmathe (former CEO and President of Nestlé) or Bracken Darrell (CEO of Logitech), among many others.