“In the beginning BAS was very helpful to get funding but at the same time it is important to find such entrepreneurs who support your vision and are willing to take the journey with you.”
Walter Salchli, founder and CEO

How did it all start?

Walter Salchli, founder and CEO

Before founding alao AG, I worked for Sunrise (YOL) and UPC and was responsible for the plans and prices of mobile and internet services. The idea of building a platform where users can find and directly order their ideal plan in only 5 minutes came about when I decided to change my mobile and internet plan after being with the same provider for many years and therefore overpaying for it.

The process of comparing the offers of the many plans available in the market, contacting the providers and contracting the plan, printing and scanning the contract and my ID took two days. At this point we started the idea of creating the "booking.com for mobile, internet and TV services".

How did BAS help you to grow?

In the beginning it was very important to be able to increase sales and secure product/market fit. In this process we worked together with our investors and a board member from BAS to analyze every element of the sales process until sales started to grow. The most important thing was that we had sparring partners from the start of the journey to find solutions.

What are today your biggest achievements and challenges?

To have created such an internationally trained team and the operational excellence created around our platforms in Switzerland and Germany, which has allowed us to triple our revenue compared to the previous year and to be able to improve our customer service more and more.
The biggest challenge is to stay focused on the core business as we have more than 20 developers in the company, and we are very tempted to create new things that are not directly our expertise.