Impressions from the Swiss Startup Award 2018

Last night in Zurich was the big ceremony to nominate the Top 100 Swiss startups. It was an impressive lineup of all parties involved in the very lively Swiss startup scene. More than 600 participants showed that this part of the Swiss economy is becoming very popular.

Johann Schlieper
February 25, 2023

From the perspective of a Business Angel the most interesting element was how global these young companies already are: Three quarters of their revenue come from abroad as well as one third of the investment. It was also noticeable that almost all the companies have created technological innovations, with the exception of Yamo (Babyfood). Do innovations in business-models – instead of technology – have a lesser business perspective? I believe that Uber and Facebook proof the contrary.

By the way, the winner was … AVA, once again ! Congratulations to their success and the excellent presentation.

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